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A new type of Criminal is looking for you. There is a rise in a certain type of crime that does not stop with just stealing your jewelry or taking your wallet. This Criminal is technologically savvy. He does not want to take just a few dollars from you. That is not his goal. His goal is to take everything you own!

I am talking about Hackers or Cyber Criminals.

Individual Victims have lost everything due to hackers. Even big Corporations have been breached. 1,000s of people have had their personal data compromised.

You need comprehensive protection. Things like 24/7 Credit Monitoring, Protection for your Phones and Computers, 24/7 Identity Monitoring, Keystroke Encryption, Theft Recovery Protection, and even Dark Web Monitoring.

This is the fastest growing crime in America and predicted to cost the World 6 Trillion Dollars Annually by 2021!

Advanced technology is making it easier than ever for savvy and unscrupulous Hackers (Cyber Criminals) to search the web and steal your private information. They will use this information to clean out your bank account. They can ruin your credit or even Bankrupt you. You can lose your House, your Cars, and your Reputation. Even your Job can be in jeopardy.

What would you do if fraudulent charges of thousands of dollars were put on your credit cards? What if your Social Security Number was used to get a Tax refund from the IRS?

Cyber Criminals have bought Houses, Cars, and even taken Vacations using someone else’s personal Identity. They have sold Stocks and Bonds and other Assets and cleaned out 401K accounts. What would you do?

Nowadays, along with Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Medical Insurance, you must protect your Identity. You have got to take this seriously. Once hacked, you could lose everything. But the good news is just a few cents per day can keep you safe. Do not become the next ‘hacker victim’!

As I write this, I think back to when I was hacked. Someone used my Social Security number and filed taxes to try getting a refund. That one simple hack of my personal information took me over 3 months to straighten out. I had to go to the local police department and file a claim of fraud. Then I had to send that to the IRS. Then I waited and waited for them to respond.

The IRS finally admitted a fraud had been committed against me, but they would not tell me any details. That was frustrating. Now when I file taxes each year, I must submit a special pin number the IRS supplies to prove it is really me.

All and all an unsavory experience costing me lots of time and inconvenience. To avoid this hassle and to gain access to excellent Personal Identity Protection take a look at:


Source by Donald G Gaw

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