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xnspy free app for parental controls In a world where our children’s heads are buried in their smartphones, it doesn’t make them protected, even if they’re under the same roof as you. Their smartphones are a window to the outside world, so they no longer need to be physically outside to get into trouble. Even if you are close to them, it does not guarantee their safety from the flaws of the digital world. Through a smartphone, they can easily become victims of such vices of the Internet world as cyberbullying or extortion. These problems are new to many parents, and no matter how active they are, they all strive to develop effective techniques to deal with them properly. This involves modifying the norms of education through technology.

xnspy free
xnspy free

XNSPY FREE monitoring application

It doesn’t matter if your children fall under the category of millennia or after millennia; they are all equally influenced and given to their smartphones. Their whole social life exists thanks to their smartphones. So to understand your child’s activities, his attitude, you need to monitor how healthy their digital life is.

Directly requesting their phones will fail, and they will not share their entire lives with their parents, mainly because they may be afraid of getting into trouble. And parents can’t force themselves on a child because it will make them more distant from their parents. To avoid similar situations from both ends, parents should look into a robust parental control application.

One such application is XNSPY. Whether your child uses an Android or iPhone, you can monitor your child’s activities from a laptop. This should seem vague to you, so to understand everything, keep reading the article when we start reviewing the application in detail.

What is XNSPY?

xnspy free is a parental monitoring application, also called an iPhone monitoring application. This is one of those apps that can even give remote access to iPhones. This will allow you to monitor your children’s smartphones and provide the necessary controls to lock certain apps, lock your device, record the environment, delete whole data and take screenshots without the knowledge of the phone user. In essence, xnspy free is similar to a spy tool that will allow you to spy on your child’s phone so you can see what his activities are, and if they are under any threat or cause any problems, they can protect and warn them until it is too late. That’s why this parental control app is an important tool for active parents. Let’s take a look at what features, packages, and services XNSPY offers.

Key features of XNSPY

User-friendly interface
Easy to understand user interface, xnspy free provides its users with a comfortable navigation experience. Through a demo on their website, users can experience the control panel and all the features to better understand the app before subscribing. It also has a web control panel that the user can access from their desktop or even from their phone browser.

Keep track of phone calls and messages.

You can seamlessly access call logs and control incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can also mark the duration of each call with the corresponding date and time stamps. It also allows the user to open and read text messages on the device and view deleted ones.

Access instant messaging and multimedia.

Users can access messengers on social networks and view all chats and names of users with whom they have exchanged messages. The multimedia generalized by these messengers can also be viewed on a monitor. XNSPY allows you to monitor the following programs on social networks; Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Facebook, and Tinder.

GPS location tracking

xnspy free location

The GPS location of the device is visible on the monitor through the control panel, as shown in the screenshot below. It will also display the exact addresses of all locations where the device has been registered, with the appropriate date and time stamps.

XNSPY Analytics

This is one of the extras and extras of XNSPY, which displays the top 5 callers and the top 5 call times of the device using an activity map that shows what time of day and what day of the week most calls come in and out of. Along with this, it also shows the top 10 websites that are often accessed from the browser.

Read emails and monitor online activities.

The user can easily access the email and monitor the browser’s activity by displaying all the websites visited.

View photos, videos, and calendar entries

Through the control panel, you can view photos and videos stored in the device’s repository, as well as all-important and personal entries made in the calendar, allowing the monitor to perform a daily schedule or user mode.

Remote control of the target device

This is another exclusive feature of xnspy free that allows them to control the device in the hands of an observer. It allows you to record surround sound, remotely lock and delete devices, and delete screenshots.

Words, places, and contacts in the watch list

The monitor can add specific words, places, and contacts to the watchlist to filter out specific data that the person wants to monitor.

24/7 instant alerts

Whether it’s registering in a new location or updating an iCloud backup, Xnspy users are instantly notified via email.

Not detected

The application is 100% undetectable. The user of the target device will not see the program or its existence on his device.


XNSPY is compatible with the latest versions of androids and iPhones. IOS devices must be between iOS 7.0 and iOS 12.1.3, and Android devices must be between 4.0 and 9.0 for XNSPY to work.

What packages do they offer?

XNSPY currently offers three types of packages, which are shown in the screenshots below.

Monthly offer packages:

  • Monthly XNSPY packages
  • Quarterly offer packages:
  • Quarterly XNSPY packages
  • Annual package deals;

Parental control

With basic and premium versions, you can subscribe to any of the packages depending on your preferences of the features you want to access. Later, if you want to switch to another package, you can do so after the subscription expires.

How is customer support?

xnspy free customer service is efficient and works around the clock. They are always ready to help their customers solve any problem

with which they may encounter the product. Because customer satisfaction is the main goal and priority of the entire team, the customer support staff is always ready to guide customers without delay.

Overcoming limitations
Like any other technology, XNSPY also faces some limitations. These curbs are exposed to external factors. For example, to access data on an iPhone, iCloud has to back up every few hours, but some users tend to change their settings never to back up. Since the backup will not be; the monitor will not access the data via XNSPY. To overcome this problem, Xnspy users can change the backup set by accessing the target iPhone once to avoid inconvenience.

The XNSPY Monitoring app for iPhone aims to ensure customer satisfaction, but this particular product may be used for unethical purposes, due to which the product may lose its integrity. This is why customers should be held accountable when purchasing such a service for ethical control purposes. Otherwise, XNSPY is a must-have app for those who want to monitor mobile phones for important reasons.

XNSPY Android free

XNSPY is an app for spying on phones, which you can use to find out everything happening on other devices from your Android. It’s ideal for parental control. Under parental control, we can find several spyware programs that can get a lot of information about what other people are doing on their mobile devices. One such application is XNSPY, a service that allows you to monitor Android and iPhone devices.

Messages, calls, web browsing, location …
First of all, it should be noted that to have access to the set of features offered by this service, and you need to register as a user, which means paying money. We should also mention that for a mobile device to be spied on, and you need to have an app that collects all the installed information.

After fulfilling these two requirements from the application control panel, you can use the following spyware features:

Phone activity with a recording of incoming and outgoing calls.
Online activity: find out which pages have been visited.
All actions of messaging applications: WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, Kik, Facebook Messenger, etc.
Image viewer.
GPS localization.
Allows you to lock the monitored device and delete all its contents.
It’s a pretty big deal for monitoring and even controlling someone else’s mobile device. Fortunately, a monitoring app must be installed on the monitored device, which means there is some degree of consent; however, unfortunately, this can be given.

Requirements and additional information:
Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Purchase offers in the app.
Installing an application using an APK file requires activating the “Unknown Sources” option in Settings> Applications.

Free XNSPY Alternatives

The best free alternative to XNSPY is iKeyMonitor. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to XNSPY, and seven of them are free, so hopefully, you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting free alternatives to XNSPY are Spyrix Keylogger (Freemium), TheWiSpy (Free Personal), Easy Phone Track (Freemium), and SpyTM (Freemium)

Xnspy Free Parental Monitoring App | XNSPY Login

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