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Why Buy a Spy Camera?


Why buy a spy camera when there are other types of imaging devices available in the market today? What’s the difference between a spy camera and an ordinary one? What are its other advantages? Is it legal? Read on to find out.

Why Buy a Spy Camera?

People buy it for different reasons. Parents who suspect nannies of abusing their kids buy this camera with the hopes of catching these “caregivers” red-handed. Employers who want to learn the reason behind the slump in employee performance and businesspeople who feel that their companies’ losses are due to sabotage also purchase this camera.

But why do they opt for this kind of camera when they can buy other types? It’s because a spy camera is so inconspicuous, both in size and appearance- nobody else will ever think that it’s there. These devices can be made to resemble everyday objects like pens, car keys, wristwatch, clothes hook and even tiny gadgets like a cell phone’s bluetooth.

Other Advantages

On a lighter thought, these cameras are perfect in capturing fun videos. Let’s face it- once we know that there’s a camera around, we do everything consciously. But when we know that there are no cameras around, we let our true emotions show. Just imagine how funny it would be to watch how you behaved in a formal party gone wild! Or how you and your friends enjoyed tossing icing on each others’ faces during a birthday party! You’ll have lots of fun in watching your facial expressions and body movements.

Plus, you’ll be able to capture beautiful shots of your small kids and pets. Yes, these two subjects can be quite difficult to take photos of because they tend to go camera shy once they become aware that they’re being watched.

Is it legal?

Yes, it’s legal to use a spy camera in the US as long as you don’t use it in private areas like bedrooms for adults, bathrooms, locker rooms and the like. Bear in mind, too, that although the use of spy cameras are allowed in most US states, it still pays to check with the existing laws in your area. It’s because some states let you take videos with audio while others only permit videos and no audio.

If your area only allows one party consent, it means that you can take audio recordings even without the permission of those you are with during the session. But, if requires two party consent, it means that you cannot take audio recording without the permission of the other people involved during the time of the recording.

Why buy a spy camera? It’s simply because it has many advantages. But whatever your reasons are, make sure that you use it in good taste.


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