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What Is SEO? How To Apply SEO To Your Website


A lot people have the common misconception of what SEO really is. So, you’re probably asking then what is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the use of various techniques to help improve a web sites ranking in search engines which in turn will attract more visitors. That probably sounded pretty foreign to you so I’m going to break this down into terms that we all can understand.

In order to have good SEO there are many factors to consider. The first thing you need to think about is a keyword or keyword phrase. This is vital your keyword will be your focus point for your entire page. There are many tools to use when determining which keyword you should use. I prefer the free methods such as Google AdWords Tool or you can use the word tracker tool at their site. I use both it helps me better to determine how many searches I can get for each of my keywords. Remember that the Google AdWords tool shows you how many people search the keywords for the month and the word tracker tool show how people search your keyword on a daily basis.

Now that you have your keyword you need to place it properly in your website and your content. You have two different readers that you need to keep in mind that come to your website. You have the normal John or Jane and you have the search engine spiders. John comes to your site to see the awesome content that you are providing him. On the other side you have the search spiders that come in to see if your content is relevant to what the reader wants. You have to please both sides of your “readers.” If you don’t make the spiders happy then John or Jane will never get to see your content. Keyword placement will fall together if you can keep John and Jane happy. A few things to do to make the spiders see how relevant your page is to place the your keyword in the title of your content, once or twice in the first paragraph of your article keep in mind your content should make sense to the reader, and once in the last paragraph. You should also place your keyword in the title tag, the header tag, and in the meta tag. Also you need to write a meta description this will help with the spiders to index your page and it should entice your readers to click on your link in Google. If you do not write a meta description Google will make one for you based on your content and they are often bland and don’t make sense to the reader.

There are a lot of tactics and strategies in SEO to consider and I just scratched the surface. I will be breaking down SEO into categories and showing you ways to maximize your efforts in future articles. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned what SEO is. Thank You and see you soon.


Source by Christopher Jagodka

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