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NEXSPY Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

One of the latest products that have been launched in the market includes NEXSPY and we are here with a full review. It is for the specific category of spying tools and read on for an unbiased and our individual views on the product itself.

We have done a thorough analysis and testing that has taken us to the conclusion that its one of the best choices in case you have been looking for a spying software with comprehensive features.

NEXSPY is one of the most reliable solutions for most of the people that have their interest in the monitoring of smartphones. It is a fact that spying software is being innovated at a constant rate but NEXSPY can remain way ahead in the competition because of the varied features and the high reliability.


Why choose NEXSPY over others?

One of the things that you should keep in mind is that although there is some other software that provides similar services. But there are some other vital features like live call recording and also surrounding conversations due to the regulatory issues that they cannot provide. But because NEXSPY is not based in the US it is not that it’s in compliant with US laws.

The servers and infrastructures related to the software are outside of the US. Therefore NEXSPY is also able to provide unique features and keeps it ahead of the competition.

Latest NEXSPY update

The software underwent an up-gradation and will work well for most of the devices in the year 2021. There are also novel pricing options that provide a huge range of features to cater to different requirements of the client.

The new dashboard also provides the user with every log detail that is being retrieved by the target devices. It is user-friendly and provides a clear interface as well.

Compatibility with various devices

For making sure that the app will be running smoothly with most of the operating systems that work in today’s times. NEXSPY works well with Android and iOS versions with complete ease.

Features for smartphone monitoring

With regards to features, almost all spying programs for mobile phones do tend to overlap with each other. At times you get the same features under a different name and pricing. But that’s what makes NEXSPY different from any other in the market. It provides some very unique features which make the software one of its kind.

Apart from this NEXSPY also has different subscriptions that range from monthly, quarterly to yearly plans. This flexibility helps you to try the software initially and if you find it perfect for your needs you can go for the yearly plan that is way more cost-effective as well.

Not just this, you also get unlimited access to all of the standard features that also includes media that had been shared. You get a 100% invisibility mode, remote installations and a secure data encryption that you won’t find in any other single product.

Primary features of NEXSPY

Call logs

You will be able to listen to all of the calls while they are happening on the target phone. Not just this the audio files that are being shared through any of the social media platforms will also be easy to see.

Ambient recording

One of the very unique features that NEXSPY provides you is the ambient recording feature. You will be able to spy on a cell phone without having it via the ambient recording feature.

This will be switching on the target smartphone or device microphone. All of this will be done while you are in remote areas. You will be listening to all of the conversations that people are having and they won’t be aware of any such thing.

Online social media and chat apps tracking

NEXSPY comes with advanced features that will be making the ease of activity monitoring on the different social media and chat applications. You can make a comparison with any other service provider of the league. But this will be providing you with the most detailed list of the most famous chat applications that you can use.

Some of them include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Tinder, Instagram and many more. Please keep in mind that it is vital in some cases that the Android phone that you are targeting must be rooted so that there is facilitation for having an efficient chat application monitoring.

GPS tracking

The NEXSPY software is also able to help you to get the specific location of the target device in real-time. This is done with the use of data history and live information that is taken from the device and can be seen on the map. You will be aware of the target device and the places that were spotted recently.

You get alerts from the software and you will be able to define the geolocation boundary for the target device. As soon as the specific area is being crossed you will be receiving the alert.

This is especially beneficial in case your children are concerned. Parents will be able to keep a close watch and see that they are away from any kind of undesirable places.


As per the platform that you select, there are three different plans that you can avail, these are:

  • Monthly plan: from $39 per month
  • Quarterly plan: from $29 per month
  • Yearly plan: from $19 per month

Bottom line

There is no doubt about it, that NEXSPY with its unique Ambient recording and Video recording features that it provides, makes it different from any other software that you can find.

The prices are affordable that makes it such a good deal when you compare the features overall.  The yearly plan that they offer is complete value for money and way better than any other Android spy apps available.

When it comes to the installation process, NEXSPY is way ahead than the competitors. The software provides ease of navigation and the customer service is available to you at all times in case you have any issues.

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