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More Functionality With Quickbooks Pro/Premier 2015


The new QuickBooks 2015 brings more functionality. While there are some new features, many are simply improvements (that have been on wish lists for a long time).

Gain Insights into your business – While new in desktop QuickBooks, this has been a popular feature in Online QuickBooks (aka QBO). This dashboard is a tab on your home page and lets you quickly see how your business is doing. (FYI – I still prefer the Company Snapshot, but I may be in the minority.)

Track Income and Expenses better. If you liked the Income Tracker, you will definitely like the Income and Expense Tracker. What’s nice about this feature is you get both a total dollar amount of unbilled time and expenses as well as the number of customers with unbilled Time and Expenses. When you see it dollarized, that might help you invoice faster! A feature I’ve liked about Premier is seeing all my unbilled time and expenses in one place, but it does not have totals, which the tracker does.

Better alerts for billable time and expenses – One of my complaints in the past was if you had billable time and/or expenses and used QuickBooks Pro, you had to click on each type of expense to see if anything was there. Now you can easily tell which types of expenses you need to invoice – you not only have an indicator that there is a billable expense, but how many.

Reporting more user friendly with 3 improvements.

1. Modifying has gotten simpler with the addition of a search box (for filters & display columns) and filters are now alphabetical (yeah!)

2. Background shading and horizontal lines make it easier to read large reports.

3. You can now make comments right on the report – simply click the comment button and select where you want to comment!

Reminders and notifications now grouped by today and upcoming in Reminders redesign.

Keep a note prominently in view with the “pin” note feature.

End a workstation’s QuickBooks session. Ever have someone log in to QuickBooks and then leave their session open and now you can’t get into single user mode? With this feature, you can log in as the administrator and end that person’s session; this is done through the QuickBooks Messenger Window. Use cautiously as it won’t save a transaction that was being created/edited and not completed.

Add Manufacturer’s part number (MPN) to a Purchase order or sales transaction – finally! This should have been added a long time ago for those who use part numbers

Select which Items to invoice from Sales Order (Premier and Enterprise) – Finally! Simply click next to the item(s). Before you had to enter a quantity of 0 and then manually remove from the invoice.

If your version of QuickBooks will be sunset in 2015, I think you’ll like many of the improvements. Those of you in Premier dealing with inventory may find the manufacturer’s part number and sales order features make it worthwhile upgrading soon.


Source by Monica Muir

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