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Mobile Phone Tracking Features Explained


Anyone who has a WAP enabled phone can turn their mobile into a very effective tracking device. The technology exists now for you to easily find your mobile phone and simply keep track of it, 24 hours a day. Mobile phone tracking can be useful for businesses or personal use and so long as there is a good signal and the mobile is switched on, then phones can be tracked anywhere in the country.

Features offered by many mobile phone tracking providers will include:

Real time tracking – This will enable you to trace the location of your designated mobile while it is on the move. Real time tracking is a great service for businesses needing to co-ordinate deliveries or worried parents wanting to check the locations of their kids. It also makes for an excellent security device and means the police can trace and recover your phone if it is stolen. By placing your mobile in your car it can also serve as a real time car tracker.

Tracking History – The ability to keep an eye on travel is useful, particularly for sales staff or mobile workers, providing your tracking history means that for invoicing purposes you will be able to check your travel history and easily complete your travel log at the end of the month.

Time Stamp – Marking and recording locations is of value if you need to have proof of time and place. Courier services would benefit immensely from this sort of feature. The time and date stamp are proof of location and that a driver took a particular route.

Descriptive Location – A facility for offering users a description of where they are is at its best when you are travelling in strange cities or on holiday in new locations. By checking your co-ordinates you can quickly and effectively find yourself. This means never having to be lost again.

Automated tracking – This mobile tracking feature allows you to define the times when you wish to check on a phone’s location. You can select the days, hours and frequency required and then have an update email forwarded with the co-ordinates attached. There is no need to remember when to check on a mobiles location, as the system will undertake this for you automatically.

Internet Log-on – The ability to check on your mobile phone’s location over the Internet from anywhere. Whether you are sat at home, in the office or on the move you are able to log-on to your account and see exactly where your mobile phones are currently situated. For senior executives and managers, being able to take stock of staffing situations or delivery positions can be essential to providing a high quality service to customers.


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