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How Xpango Works – A Review About Gaining Credits For Free Products


I want to give a little overview about the freebiesite Xpango which offers free electronic products. Advertisers work together with Xpango to create a relationship where all involved people profit. Xpango uses a unique credit system to reward the customers with Free Gaming Consoles (X-Box, Playstation, MP3 Players, HDTVs and Mobile Phones. The customer can get the free gift by reaching the sum of credit needed. Every product has a different credit number needed to order. The higher the value, the more credits you need.

By registering with Xpango you select your free gift. You can change this gift later. After the process of the registration you receive your “Referral ID” which you use to gain the credits you need to order the gift.

How to gain credits with Xpango?

There are a few ways to get credits on your account. When someone wants to sign up, he can fill in a “Referral” field with your ID. If someone registers through your referral link on Xpango, your ID is automatically added in the field. You can check out your referrals in your account. Please notice that every referral has to activate their account first. This means he has to complete an offer or program. Without activating the account, you will get no credit. For everyone you referred to Xpango you will get one credit.

Luckily there are also other possibilities to fill points into your account. You can do some offers to make a few points. These offers are often trials. Most of them costs between $0 up to $20, it also depends on how much credits you willget for this program. There are great free offers on Xpango, they change all time. I can recommend things which are useful for yourself.

Why am I explaining Xpango? Keep away from new sites- of course there is much Scam on the web. Newer sites have it difficult to find partners to earn money. Xpango was seen on BBC and reviewed many times. They are trustful and verified. Also beware of comments on the web where the people promise free credits on Xpango by hacks. Xpango hack is searched over 6000 times a month- the people who provide their “hack” referral ID are getting much credits with this method. There are always victims who believe this garbage and finish the registration with the “fake” IDs on Xpango. Xpango also controls their new users, spam is not allowed and they will ban those who try to get some credits by breaking the rules.

When you finished collecting your Credits you can order your gift easily and worldwide. It is a big advantage that Xpango delivers worldwide, everyone can register from everywhere.


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