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How To Disable The Shutdown Event Tracker On Microsoft Windows Server


Microsoft Windows has a feature which enables the operating system to record information about why the machine is going to be shut down or in the event of an unexpected shut down; why it was shut down.

This functionality is called the Shutdown Event Tracker. The feature is turned off by default in Windows XP Home & Professional and most other desktop versions of the operating system. In the case of Windows Server 2003 and other versions in the server family it is enabled by default.

In our experience this functionality is not required for many server installations and in fact gets in the way frequently. It is intended to act as a audit tool to understand what has happened to the server, but in reality it make shutting down/restarting the server annoying. I switch this functionality off on all server’s I run, the process outlined below will allow you to do the same:

1. Go to Start > Run and type gpedit.msc and press OK

2. Open the Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System Folder

3. Double click the Display Shutdown Event Tracker setting in the right hand pane.

4. Select the Disable option on the pop up window and press OK

When you attempt to Reset or Shut Down the computer next time the Shut Down Event Tracker option will no longer be displayed and you will be free to perform the operation without its annoyance. To turn it back on – repeat the above but select enabled.

This tip was brought to you by the team at Techita Consultancy.


Source by Dave Hodgson

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