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How To Capture Cell Phone Conversations With Mobile Phone Spy


How To Capture Cell Phone Conversations and actually listen in to them

There are lots of cell phone spy programs out there. A couple of them are great. Many of them are okay. One or two of them are terrible. One of the most basic features of the cell phone spying program is the ability to catch details of phone conversations incoming calls and outgoing calls. Most mobile phone spying programs will provide you with the information regarding a mobile phones calls such as:

  1. if it was an incoming or outgoing call
  2. the time of the call
  3. the phone number the person dialed, if it was an outgoing call, or the number of the person who called the mobile phone with the spy program on it, if it was an incoming call

A few mobile telephone spy apps actually lets you listen in on the conversation itself. The way it works is when the phone with the spy app installed either receives or makes a phone call, your phone (you specify the phone number you wish to receive events and notifications from in your members area)  gets a text message from the mobile phone spy server letting you know this person has just received or made a phone call the instant it happens.

At that point you dial that person’s number and instead of them hearing their mobile device ring they don’t hear anything. You get tapped into the phone conversation as a silent third-party. In other words you can listen in to what both people in a phone conversation are saying as if you are in a conference call but neither of the two people can hear you.


Source by Shannon Sapperstein

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