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How Can A Viral Promo Video of Your App Benefit Your Business?


Today, the mobile app industry is becoming so competing that launching a new application and gaining attention of the users towards it is becoming really troublesome. One of the many probable reasons behind this is today, if you visit the App Store, you would find billions and millions live applications on it. Hence, it is easily understandable that if you are not able to make an impressive entry, it becomes hard to attract the users’ attention. One of the latest trends of making your app well-known to the users is to release a promo video of it on the various social media platforms and making it viral. Wondering how this is going to help you? Read on to know more about it.

Promo Video of 30 Second

This is beyond any doubt that today, the concept of the 30-second video is pretty much popular on almost every available social media platform. You can’t really deny the fact nothing leaves more impact than the visual effects. Hence, making the video in that intriguing way so that it can easily grab attention of the users at the first glance is extremely crucial. Once this promo video becomes a major hit on the various social media platforms, there is a high chance that your app would get remarkable users’ attention when you would launch it at the Store.

Commendatory Engagement of the Audience

The main benefit of such short and precise promo video is that it can keep the viewers glued to it until the end. Within this very short span of time, the viewers are all yours, this is the time when you can convince them that your app has that potentiality to meet the requirements of the users. The first look of the app is important. Hence, it is advisable to give a comprehensive and interesting view of your app in that couple of moments that can generate the thrill among the viewers.

Aid the Search Rankings

Obviously getting an innovative mobile application for your business is a wise and profit-driven decision. However, it is not as simple as it sounds theoretically. Your work doesn’t end with just developing the app. For the fruitful business outcome, you need to work on the search rankings as well. According to a survey report made a little while back, more than 76% of the entrepreneurs and marketers are understanding importance of this viral video concept. Research well and understand the demands of the Search Engine and do the promotional video of the mobile app keeping those aspects in mind. This would definitely boost the search rankings of the app that you are developing.

Thus, such a promotional video of your mobile app is not only going to get attention of a vast part of the target market but would also help you to make a profitable business.


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