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The iPhone is and has been a revolutionary device. Maybe the apps that added onto the user experience used to be mainly for entertainment, but that’s not the case anymore. Listed below are some of the best iPhone Business Apps. Some are free, some cost a bit of money, but all are worth checking out.

FedEx Mobile for iPhone

You can use this free iPhone business app for monitoring, tracking, and getting up to date information about your shipments. This app has tools that you can use for accessing, where you will be able to register and access your FedEx account, get access to online help, sign up for shipment notification and get quote rates easily. FedEx Mobile also can help you locate the nearest FedEx Office Print & Ship Center.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile is a free app that you can use to track, monitor, and manage your shipments while you are on the move. It has features and tools that you can use in tracking, nicknaming and creating labels for shipments while you are on the move. It also has a GPS feature that you can use in finding UPS shipment locations.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite has tools and features that you can use in creating and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents. It has a very sharp and quick response time and you can do most of the basic editing tasks that you normally do with Microsoft Office. It also has tools and features that you can use in creating bullet lists, aligning paragraphs, adjusting indentation and doing other extensive formatting tasks. There is also an auto save and auto correct feature.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is available for $6.99 and is very useful in emergency situations where you need to scan a document but do not have access to a scanner. There are tools that you can use in scanning multi-page documents, emailing scanned documents, pass-wording scanned documents and transferring documents to a Mac, PC or even an online storage medium like and humyo.

iSwipe Global Credit Card Terminal

iSwipe Global Credit Card Terminal allows you to make financial transactions in the absence of a secured credit card terminal. It is very safe and secure to use; it is very fast and can process up to three transactions in 15 seconds with practically instant verification! In addition, it easy to set up, it supports all major credit cards, has advance fraud detection tools and features that you can use in checking your transaction history.

Contact Spy

Contact Spy is an iPhone business app that you can use in searching for contacts. It has tools and features that you can use in performing reverse email, checking and reverse phone number look up. It is pertinent to mention that Contact Spy only supports reverse address and phone number searches for the US only.

Recorder Pro

Recorder Pro is sexy iPhone business app that costs less than a $1 and is a great recording app that will surely meet all your recording needs. It offers unlimited recording time; it can skip gaps during recordings and offers you the option of pausing during recordings or playbacks.


VehiCal is a free business app that you can use in calculating and estimating vehicle expenses and mileage. It has tools and features that you can use in estimating car related expenses such as average gas price, total gas cost and trip distance. VehiCal supports multiple vehicle or car entries and has tools that you can use in exporting or emailing selected data entries.

Real Estate Search

Real Estate Search is a free tool that offers you a comprehensive database of real-estate listings. It also can display high-resolution photos of the area where you are conducting a house search.


SuperCam is a free iPhone app that you can use in controlling and accessing your CCTV security cameras. Its audiovisual quality is superb and it also supports IP cameras in real-time.


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