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GPS Tracking Of The Future


For most people Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are the norm nowadays with tracking devices fitted to cars, the buses they catch and even giving you the ability to track your kids, wife and aging mother-in-law. People are able to use GPS trackers to keep tabs on their dogs, parcels and valuables but what are the next generation of GPS trackers and devices with which we can enrich our lives?

GPS trackers in cars

Car are likely to see even more GPS tracking related accessories fitted, with increased clarity from on-line maps, and heads-up displays beaming location information onto windscreens and rear-view mirrors. Motorcyclists are also likely to benefit from the GPS heads-up technology with systems being developed along the lines of fighter pilots helmets that will provide riders with additional information about the road ahead.

Sat Nav systems are also set to see increased benefits from the widespread use of GPS with more devices offering real time traffic information about the road ahead and offering alternative routes to avoid the chaos. GPS plug in tour guides are set to make travelling more interesting with live commentary as you drive around. The GPS tracker within the unit pinpoints its location and issues details of local landmarks, museums, galleries and points of interest adding extra fun to holiday trips.

GPS clothing

GPS also looks set to make its way into our clothing with jackets, boots and eyewear that are all capable of linking up. This way tourists and outdoor enthusiasts no longer need cumbersome GPS tacking devices but simply have to put on their coat or shoes to pinpoint their location while out travelling.

Digital and recording cameras are also getting in on the act and there are now ones that can include details on where, when and the location your photos were taken. No need to worry any longer about where on your latest holiday trip you took a particular snap as the camera stores all the data for you.

GPS health

With an ever aging population in the Western world there are going to be more elderly people around who are suffering from debilitating diseases like Alzehimer’s. Watches and trackers are increasingly available that are able to keep confused and lost senior citizens informed of their whereabouts. While systems are also being released that act as a virtual guide dog for the blind and visually impaired.

At present, human imagination seems to be the only limitation on the uses GPS trackers can be put. They are finding their way into every aspect of our everyday lives, making them easier and more informed.


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