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Can We Live Without GPS?

While it was the military who developed this technology for their internal use, it soon became available for all and became extremely popular as well. Another reason of its popularity was perhaps the low cost which is associated with it, be it the installation cost or the running cost. Now, GPRS devices are used in almost everything, from aeroplane, cell phone, car, trucks, elderly people, kids and even pets. We are not even always aware that these are being tracked while we are using it.

It is now almost impossible for some to even think of living without the GPRS tracking. We use these magic devices for personal safety and for commercial purposes. In either cases, the technology has touch and changed our lives and the launch of newer devices and services everyday only validates my claim. 3 million people are associated with this GPS industry presently. The use of GPS is growing very fast too and almost 120 billion of use of GPS devices take place every year.

The most usage of GPS devices come from the logistics and transportation industry probably. Aeroplanes, trucks, cars, taxis and ships; all can be easily tracked now using nothing else but GPS devices. No guesswork is needed to calculate the expected arrival time of any good as now they can be tracked in real time using GPS devices. The fleet managers can now take their naps peacefully as each unwanted shop or deviation from the predefined course will be reported in real time. The drivers are also cautious now as they know they are under surveillance.

GPS is associated with even pleasures now. Every professional hiking management group uses GPS for safety purposes. The same can be said off-road car racing or mountain biking. In fact every outdoor activity can be tracked using GPS. The travel industry is reaping full benefit from this amazing technology.

Purchasing a GPS device does not cost a huge amount of money so it can be easily purchased shall the need arise. It can be purchased locally or over the internet, whatever you prefer. You need to define your exact need and they will be able to produce one device matching your needs exactly. There are different types of GPS devices depending on the features, like data puller, data pushers and data storage etc. The price varies as well but happily there is one GPS device for every budget.

Source by Rajan Chadha

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