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Hi, I’m Roger Jacobs, and I’ve been working in the technology industry for a few years now, mainly doing product reviews and testing. My field of knowledge is smartphones, so I usually consider products and applications for Android GPS Tracker Spy and iPhone, trying to keep up with new products and consumer searches.

There is a lot of interest in spyware applications for cell phones or in trackers as they are sometimes called. You should know that it is illegal to use monitoring apps without the consent of the phone user if that person is not your child. If you follow calls or text messages or view your browser history without their permission, you may be fined and sentenced to one year in prison. So you want to protect yourself.

You can track a person’s phone with his knowledge using one of these apps, but it is illegal to track a person’s phone without his knowledge if he is not your child and has not reached 18 years of age. The law allows you to track your child’s phone without their knowledge, as you are allowed to make decisions that suit their interests. Anyone else you are tracking must be notified and given your consent so that you can monitor them within the law. If you get their consent, then you are fine.

Now that the small waiver is rejected let’s understand why you might need a spyware application. If it’s for employee tracking, you can find out how they use the company’s phone. You can use the app to keep track of where they go with their phone during business hours or to which sites they visit and when they are productive.

When you use it for your kids, you can keep track of where they hang out, who they text, who they call, how much time they spend on the phone, what sites they visit, and more. This is a great tool for parents that helps keep track of children when they are out of sight.

Android GPS Tracker Spy
Android GPS Tracker Spy

Now let’s talk about the best spyware. There are some perfect ones, but each one has its pros and cons, so before you make a decision, you should dig a little deeper into the details of each one. You want to receive information not to start paying a monthly subscription fee for an app and service that doesn’t give you everything you need. Keep in mind that I’m just listing the best ones, and there are probably others that may be cheaper or give you a few other options that you may need.

Top Mobile Phone Tracking Apps – Top 5 Spyware Apps:

  • SPY24 – Great cell phone tracking app with GPS location tracking, great parental control app, perfect for watching kids.
  • FlexiSpy – Best at keeping all forms of messaging, recording, and intercepting all types of calls 100% hidden.
  • KidsGuard Pro – a great application for spy phones, the best for monitoring Android devices
  • Spyic is a great app for tracking your phone’s location using an advanced GPS location tracking system.
  • Cocospy – Ideal for employee monitoring.


SPY24 is built from the ground up to track kids ’cell phones. It is designed for parents to spy on their children, giving them access to incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, deleted messages, social networking activities, and geolocation. You probably won’t find a more reliable spy app to monitor your child’s cell phone activity.

A social network that offers Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more can be beneficial. Your child is likely engaged in one or more of them almost every day, so it makes sense to monitor what content he posts and responds to it.

It offers a speedy installation time that takes less than 10 minutes to set up. From there, the interface is intuitive, and you need to figure out pretty quickly how to do everything you need in the app.

The price is also competitive and affordable because when I checked it out, the app was offered for less than $ 1 a day. I think the safety of your children and your own peace of mind is probably worth it.

You also get regular updates, and the app can let you know what kinds of activities are happening on your child’s phone every five minutes if you want.

The app also runs invisibly without notifying the supervised user that it is tracking their activity. It won’t show up on their phone at all.

The SPY24 phone tracker application offers you round-the-clock customer support. Get the right answers easily, and no need to wait to learn how to use the feature in the app or fix a possible problem.


· Competitive prices

· Ongoing activity notification

· Simple

in use interface

· Lots of support on social media


· Requires some Android features to be implemented

Our readers enjoy a special discount with SPY24; use this code word “Open” to get an extra 20% off.

Click here to visit the official SPY24 website


As the name implies, FlexiSpy is a very flexible GPS tracking device. It works not only on Android GPS Tracker Spy and iPhone but also on computers. This allows you to track activity in real-time so you can know what’s going on. This makes it ideal for intercepting calls, allowing you to listen, know who is calling and when the call is happening. You can listen to the calls as they occur or look at the details of each call if you have the time.

The app should be installed on the target phone, but after that, it is straightforward to use and very reliable. It’s not very cheap, but with all the opportunities it offers, it’s still worth it. If you work on a limited budget, you may want to choose the cheapest version of the app – Plan Lite. Later you can always switch to a complete functional plan, such as premium or extreme.

It allows you to see all the photos and videos taken by the target phone and monitors all online activity. It also tracks GPS activity by showing where the phone or other device is located. You can understand where they are going, when they are moving and where they have been.

Like SPY24, this spyware app will also let you know about social networking activities. You can control where your children spend their time and what messages or images they post.

One of the best features of this app is that it can provide real-time video spying. It has built-in camera access to see the target user live while accessing the camera on your phone. If I want to see what my child is doing rather than make sure what the GPS tracker is saying or try to figure it out with my phone activity, I can take advantage of the camera feature and see for myself.


· Access the camera to see what is happening in real-time

· Shows videos and messages from phone and social networks

· Several different tariff plans

· Works on many types of devices


· Kind of expensive

Click here to visit the official FlexiSpy website

KidsGuard Pro Android GPS Tracker Spy

You can only use the KidsGuard Pro phone tracker on Android devices, so keep that in mind. This will not work on iOS devices at all. However, it offers great functionality, and unlike many other similar apps, it doesn’t need to be rooted in the device.

This is a great GPS tracker for kids that tracks their movements in real-time and tracks their online activity. It can explore their social networking activities and is compatible with leading social networking platforms. It can easily and effectively monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder, and more. It tracks and tracks over 30 different apps and files for you, giving you lots of data on just about anything you might want. Because of all the features and functions that you get with this, you don’t need to install additional software or other spyware or use other methods other than accessing this app to monitor what your kids are doing effectively.

One of the best things about this mobile tracker is that KidsGuard Pro is completely undetectable. Your children will not know that you are watching them through their phone and will not be able to determine if the program is active and in use on your phone. Nothing will appear on their phone to notify them of your monitoring activities. You can check them out even if they never get along with you, and that’s good for cases where you suspect your child may be doing something unscrupulous or borderline but don’t want to address their suspicions to them.

This is one of the cheapest paid apps that you can use to view your kids. It costs about 27 cents a day, and as long as you use Android devices, it should be able to do whatever it takes to monitor fully. It can track and report viewed videos by providing you with thumbnails of the video. Only one thing is helpful to tell which pictures are making your child click on the video. The calendar feature allows you to track what they are doing and look for trends that may seem suspicious. You can even save data for handling.


· Very inexpensive

· Can be used invisibly

· No need to implement

· Works with many applications and social networking platforms


· Will does not work on iOS devices

Click here to visit the official KidsGuard Pro website


When you compare prices, Spyic is one of the more expensive options. However, it offers compatibility for iOS and Mobile Spy App For Android devices (with separate pricing plans for each), as well as business and family plans if you want to include multiple devices in one plan. The more months you sign up right away, the more money you will save.

You can remotely monitor target devices from any computer by logging in to the Spyic website. The portal allows you to see what the target devices were doing, such as GPS location, WhatsApp activity, call history and contacts, among others. You can mark contacts that you think may be dangerous or suspicious and receive notifications when they call or report to that number.

One of the unique things about Spyic as a spy phone app is that it can configure restricted areas. This means that you determine where the target cannot be launched, and as soon as they enter one of these areas, you will receive a notification. This feature is known as geophysics, and it is beneficial for keeping children within set limits and staying away from dangerous places or areas where you don’t want them to go.

So I rated it as the best GPS tracker. Although it offers many of the same GPS tracking features as other apps, it goes further to allow you to do more and put more control in your hands. The zoning function is useful for use with both employees and children. You can use it to protect children and employees in designated workplaces or from competing companies.

Spyic is constantly updated with new features and new compatibility with programs on social networks as they are released. The high price tag you pay gives you not just a long list of features but also round-the-clock customer service support and regular updates to improve functionality. This is one app that stays up to date with what’s happening in the world of technology, so your monthly payment plan will be used effectively.


· A unique feature of zoning

· Excellent GPS tracking capabilities

· Works invisibly

· Available from any computer screen


· One of the most expensive options

Click here to visit the official Spyic website


Cocospy is a very similar app to Spyic. They have almost the same characteristics and have the same price structure and rates. Even the same geo-zoning feature is offered to notify you when the target device falls into the zones you have designated as restricted zones.

Cocospy offers remote monitoring options that are ideal for tracking children, and it is one of the best app options for tracking phones. You can use it to track the location of the mobile phone and identify incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. You can keep track of who is talking to your child or employee and what they are talking about.

Android Spy App Remote Installation

It discreetly and invisibly tracks your conversations, photos, text messages, and messages on social networks. You can even use it to indicate certain numbers you fear and receive notifications when your child receives a call or message from them or when a child contacts them.

This works just as well for employee control. You can tell which sites your employees visit, what posts they post on social media, and where they go during the workday. This is great for tracking their activities and ensuring that they don’t waste company time and money.

One of the great features of Cocospy is that this app works on either phones or tablets. As many employees and children now work from home using tablets, this is an important opportunity that will become even more useful in the coming years.


· Very restrained

· Short setup time

· 60 days money-back guarantee

· Works with both tablets and phones


· Can be expensive

Click here to visit the official Cocospy website

What features should a mobile phone tracking app have?

I showed you the most popular cell phone tracking and apps I could find. There are other good ones, and if you deviate from my list, that’s fine. I won’t take offense, but you need to know what features to look out for.

I would say that the number one feature you want to make sure is this app is the vitality of your phone and the phone of your target. If you both have Android GPS Tracker Spy phones, you can choose the best spy app for Android. It would help if you did this quite simply, but you can, of course, choose an app that works on both Spy Programs For Android Phones and iOS devices. So make sure compatibility is there – that would be my main problem.

Next, when I choose a cell phone tracker, I make sure it can tell me specific information relevant to what I want to monitor. In most cases, these will be incoming calls, outgoing calls, text messages, social media activity, photos were taken, posted photos, and recorded videos. All of this is important to tell me what the target phone user is doing. If you do not have this information and the entire app informs you that a number has been dialed or a message has been sent that does not give you details about these actions, it is almost useless.

The third feature I would like to have is invisibility. I want to be able to control discreetly. This is especially useful for children, and if you want to keep an eye on your children without knowing it, look for apps that offer this feature. This is quite common, but you should keep an eye out for apps that kids may install on their phones to search for spyware. Yes, they exist, and if your child thinks you are watching them and you haven’t told them anything, he can try to take advantage of such an app.

Another key feature that an app should have is GPS tracking. This is useful for children or employees because you want to know where they are. For children, you should be able to keep track of where they go during school hours, as well as when they are out of the house and out of sight. For employees, you can know where they are going during their working hours, cheating or selling company secrets. For some people, the location tracking feature may be the number one feature they want to have in their space program, depending on how they plan to use it.

You will need to decide which features are important to you, and I am just giving you the tools and information to make an informed choice.

Choosing the Best GPS Tracker App

If you want to track the location of a phone number, you need an app designed to do so. Not all spyware programs offer such features. Those who really can offer GPS tracking in different ways.

One type of GPS tracker app can allow you to see where your target phone is in real-time. Another view may show you their location only at the end of the day after they have already come and gone. You will want to find an app that will constantly update you if you will monitor the target’s activities and do something with it if it deviates from what is expected or needed.

If you choose the best GPS tracker for your cell phone, you want something reliable and full-featured that always shows where the target is. I like the geophysics option in some programs, allowing you to select specific areas that you find inaccessible. You then receive a notification when the target phone moves to these areas.

It’s great to let you know if your child is traveling to a bad part of town, visiting the house of a friend you feel suspicious of, getting out of school, or doing something else suspicious or dangerous. It also allows you to set boundaries for employees while working, and you’ll be able to understand when they’re traveling outside the work area, out of town, or playing golf during the company.

Also, see the subscription plans that the app includes. It can become costly to track the location of your phone at a monthly rate. It is often cheaper to go for an annual plan that offers most applications. Even then, it can become expensive. It’s a good idea to compare options and determine which one is the most affordable and what you actually get when you choose an expensive option over a more affordable one.

Our readers enjoy special discounts with SPY24: the best spy app for tracking mobile phones, just use this SPY24 word code “Coupon” to get an extra 20% off.

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What are free phone trackers available?

You don’t need to pay for a spy phone app if you want to

this will agree with one that has fewer features and less functionality. Here are a few free ones that I think you might know, and if you want to spy without paying anything, take a look.

I like SpyHuman, which is a decent spy app for Android GPS Tracker Spy. However, it is free only for 7 days, so its free aspect is minimal. I think you will find that most “free” apps have the same limitation.

Famisafe, Mobile Tracker Free, and Parental Phone © Phone Tracker offer free versions or some free features. Just keep in mind that free programs are usually easy to detect by the target user. They probably won’t work invisibly and discreetly as it will be a paid app, as this type of technology is expensive to develop and maintain.

Cell phone tracking shouldn’t cost you much, but you should definitely expect featurelessly. For example, most free apps will notify you that a call has been received and may show the caller’s number, but they will most likely not record votes for you. They use cheap, simple technology and mostly support themselves with paid subscriptions from those users who want to upgrade, as well as advertising that can annoy you.

If you plan to use parental control programs for an extended period of time, such as more than a few months, you should consider subscribing to a paid subscription. You will be able to do much more and much more effectively monitor your children. You can find a monthly price, especially considering all the controls and features that will be available to you.

Is it possible to track someone’s unknown phone?

Many apps offer a way to invisibly track the location of a phone number and other information. They allow you to spy invisibly, without warning or notifying the target user that they are being watched and tracked. It can be beneficial to keep an eye on children without letting them know that they are being watched.

If you want to catch them on the spot or find out if they are telling you the truth, unknown spyware is the way to go. You can track the location of your mobile phone online or from your phone with such an app, and your kids will not be smarter.

However, not all spyware programs allow for such restrained monitoring. Some of them will appear as notifications on your target phone. This may be preferable in some cases as a reminder to children or staff that their activities are being monitored. This can help them behave and prevent them from visiting websites they shouldn’t visit or visit restricted sites. It can also prevent them from sending messages and making calls that could harm the company (for employees), or that could put them at risk (for children).

I’ve said this before, and I will repeat that you need to inform any employees that you are tracking their movements and tracking their activity on the phones. Using the spyware app for your employees is illegal, even if you only use it on the business phones you gave them. They need to be aware that their actions are being tracked. So you can still use their spyware app, but without notice, you can’t do that.

You can use the best app to track phones without permission only for your own children if they are under 18 years old. Once they have reached 18, you must obtain their permission or know that they are being watched. You can still track their location, but they need to be aware.

However, spyware does help to remain invisible. Application developers are working to ensure that you can control remotely and invisibly without being detected by the target user’s phone. Usually, you need to install the app on their phone for it to work. This way, the app will work from both ends – yours and the target. Since it is located on their phone, they could find it if they searched enough and knew what to look for. However, apps do a great job of staying hidden and unnoticed by sending you all the information you need.

I want to talk for a second about why you can go the invisible way with a spyware application. You may be suspicious of your child and want to get him to behave and obey you, so you may be tempted to tell them that you are installing a phone number tracker on his device. This can be a good way to win their trust but can be harmful if they lie. If your child finds out that you are tracking him, he may get another phone, find ways to bypass the app or try to hack it, or cheat. You may inadvertently push your child into more deceptive behavior because you told him you were watching him. Keep this in mind when looking for a suitable spy app and enjoying the best opinion.

Just remember that you can still use these programs and use them effectively if the target knows they are set. In fact, notifying them of an app often prevents them from doing things they don’t need to, from going where they are forbidden, and from making calls that you disapprove of.

I hope this guide will help you if you try to find the best spy app for iPhone Spy or Android Spy. There are many choices, and I personally know that figuring out and finding one that suits you and that is affordable can be difficult.

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